Realistic Vibrators

Realistic Vibrators, looks real and feels real, with multi-speed vibration. Realistic shaft and realistic bulbous head. Just like your real man in the bedroom. You may also be interested in our Realistic Dildos.

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Soft and supple, powerful when vibrating. A good toy for those not wanting something too big.
(Members) £17.96
A little bit of Pink Raw Talent, every girl wants pink.
(Members) £4.50
Orgasm at the press of a button.
(Members) £15.26
Let the tongue flicker across your most intimate part to the point of orgasm.
(Members) £11.66
Real skin feel and sensation, warms quickly and has that real feel squeeze factor.
(Members) £13.46
10 different vibrating levels and the feel of real loveclone skin.
(Members) £13.46
When thickness matters more than length, Ballistic Ben is just for you.
(Members) £17.96