Latex Vibrators

Latex Vibrators. Fat or thin, large or small the Latex Vibrator range @ Taboo offers you a wide choice to pleasure and satisfy even the most demanding. From a simple Bully Boy Vibrator to the Super Stud. Each one different, each giving a different sensation. You may also be interested in our Jelly Vibrator Range.

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Soft and supple with clitoral flickers.
(Members) £8.06
Low cost for a great seller. Everything about it makes it a must have sex toy.
(Members) £10.76
Detailed with multi-speed vibration..
(Members) £7.16
Ideal First Time Toy, For First Time Pleasure
(Members) £4.95
Its a long one, but there`s pleasure when you reach the vibrating testicles.
(Members) £17.96
Large inflatable dong, this fat boy get bigger and bigger.
(Members) £15.26
Thick and fat with large bulbous head.
(Members) £11.66
Veined shaft and bulbous head. A sex toy for many pleasures.
(Members) £7.16