Big Sex Toys

Big Sex Toys. Not for the faint hearted, remember these sex toys are BIG. Take Omars Realistic Cock, ten inches of the real thing moulded from the man himself. If your eyes don't water reading about it, they will when you see it. Or you might prefer the Ceaser, at 12.2 inches long its a mind blower.

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Give yourself that big man night of passion you crave for.
(Members) £10.80
Large inflatable dong, this fat boy get bigger and bigger.
(Members) £15.26
Fatter the better, Better when their fatter or so they say. Its BIG.
(Members) £29.66
The Crystal Cock and Balls give you everything you could desire in a Real Cock. Length, Girth, Bulbous Head and Vibration.
(Members) £6.75
Its Big, Its Thick and Heavy Too. Mind Blowing Detailed Cock.
(Members) £35.99
Sometimes you could do with an extra hand, or a fist maybe.
(Members) £17.96
The ultimate Strap On. 10 INCHES LONG and ready to please.
(Members) £34.19