Metal For Men

Metal for Men. Metal Cock and Testicle Rings. Strong and Heavy Rings for men to enhance their erection and give stimulation during the day or night.

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Heavy metal penis or testicle ring. fits tightly at the base or holds the testicles in place.
(Members) £3.56
For vein popping erections, metal rings are a must have.
(Members) £8.06
Stimulates the perineum during intercourse or supports the testicle for daytime pleasure..
(Members) £15.26
The Heavy Metal Butt Plug, Cold sensual feeling for the ultimate anal experience.
(Members) £7.16
For bigger stronger erections or some extra weight on the testicles.
(Members) £4.50
Put a clamp on performance let downs and get just the right squeeze every time with the Metal Woxx X-L Cockring.
(Members) £17.96