Masturbators and Pussies

False pussy or just a masturbator sleeve in this range you will find a wide choice to choose from. From the simple Muffie Vaginal Masturbator in soft skin like material to the wonders of The Countess a full size pussy with vibration and super cyberskin sensation.

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Give yourself the ultimate penetration experience.
(Members) £5.85
Exciting portable pussy in soft and stretchable nature skin material.
(Members) £6.26
Use it for self pleasure, Or wear to please your partner.
(Members) £17.96
Tight fitting masturbator sleeve with detailed pussy entrance.
(Members) £13.49
Gripping sensation, just like a first timer.
(Members) £13.49
Sensitive noduled and redges for a more enhanced feeling.
(Members) £16.16
The Bumpy Bitch has a super-tight brown-eye surrounded by tiny pleasure bumps.
(Members) £22.46
Firm gripping, non slipping action for your manhood.
(Members) £17.06
Be the first to break her in!
(Members) £15.26
Its soft, fleshy feel is just the beginning!
(Members) £26.96
A miniature torso that looks real and feels real.
(Members) £8.10
Male masturbating made easy with the Beaded Stroke Master.
(Members) £17.96
Incredible stimulation and vibrating power directly to the Penis head.
(Members) £4.95
A perfect cast of Mc Kenzie Lees pussy for your very own pleasure.
(Members) £17.96
Super soft jelly masturbator sleeve, tight fitting gripping action.
(Members) £11.66
A cleaner and better way to male self pleasing or couples who want to play.
(Members) £5.85
Flesh skinned masturbator with vibrating bullet for extra pleasure and enjoyment.
(Members) £20.66
Complete set with Vaginal, Oral and Anal Masturbator with free lube and cleaner.
(Members) £15.26