I D Lubricant

I D Lubricant, when only the best lubricant will do. Water based or Silicone, Flavoured or Not. Simply the best there is.

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ID Glide designed specifically to enhance the pleasure.
(Members) £8.96
Put the ZING back in your life. ID Pleasure more than just a lubricant.
(Members) £7.16
Great flavoured lubricant from a pump action dispenser.
(Members) £7.16
The tingling sensation of Cool Mint. Makes oral so exciting.
(Members) £7.16
Oh so Juicy Oh so slippery and a great flavour too.
(Members) £7.16
Watermelon Lubricant, so good for you and your partner.
(Members) £7.16
Put the chewing Gum on the bed post and enjoy the Bubblegum Blast from ID.
(Members) £7.16
Welcome to fruity heaven in more ways than one...
(Members) £5.36
Warming liquid lubricant. Turn up the heat.
(Members) £2.66