Vibrating Eggs and Bullets

Vibrating Eggs & Bullets. remain one of the must have products for any woman. Intense vibrating pleasure and ideal as your first sex toy. 

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This powerful vibrating micro bullet packs a punch and it's discreet enough to take with you anywhere.
(Members) £4.50
So much more than just an Egg.
(Members) £24.26
Powerfull vibrating bullet with comfortable hand held controller.
(Members) £4.50
Buzz, Buzz Buzz the night away with the Beehive bullet, slim and powerfull, comfortable to use.
(Members) £4.50
Small and discreet, stimulating and powerful.
(Members) £3.56
Differert levels of vibration and 5 different vibrating modes.
(Members) £8.96
The mini vibrating egg with four modes of vibrating power.
(Members) £2.70
Slick and smooth vibrating bullet with six levels of vibration.
(Members) £11.66
Head spinning orgasms with these three vibrating bullets. Use one, two or three at the same time in different places.
(Members) £6.26
Powerful vibrating bullet for vaginal, clitoral and anal pleasure.
(Members) £8.96
Everything For Ultimate Clitoral Stimulation. Small bullet, 3 x Sleeves and so much power.
(Members) £13.46
Vibrating balls with five different modes of vibrating power..
(Members) £6.75
The discreet and powerful bullet for those special times.
(Members) £4.50
Velvet touch, Tapered tip and 10 different vibrating functions.
(Members) £13.46
10 speeds of constant, escalating and pulsating vibrations giving you and your partner hours of fun anywhere.
(Members) £22.46
10 different mode of vibration, from a humm, to a pulse to a purr. It pleases like no other.
(Members) £13.46
Powerful Vibration, 10 different modes, comfortable to hold and use.
(Members) £13.46
Vibrating Bullet with Soft Silicone Sleeve.
(Members) £2.66