Love Eggs & Duo Balls

Love Eggs and Duo Balls can be worn internally and externally to stimulate the woman with every movement she make. The duo balls are perfect for kegel exercises to help rebuild the pelvic muscle which overtime duo to age and or surgery can become weak which can reduce sensitivity during orgasm. 

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The classic duo balls as seen on``phoenix nights`` in classic silver or luxury gold.
(Members) £4.46
Ben Wa Balls were designed to provide rolling vibrations and enhance the pleasures of female masturbation.
(Members) £4.46
Insert the vibro balls into vagina or anus and then simply move around, great sensation.
(Members) £4.50
So much more than just an Egg.
(Members) £24.26
Stimulation while you shop till you drop, pleasure on the move as it should be.
(Members) £4.46
Sexy sports duo balls, stimulation while your on the move.
(Members) £3.56
Insert them and enjoy the sensation in and out the home.
(Members) £4.46
Flesh balls that will have you climbing the walls.
(Members) £4.46