Sexual Lotions

Sexual Lotions with Spanish Fly, Muira Puama, Delay Cream and Spray for men, Power Play plus more.

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The little bottle with the big effect
(Members) £4.46
Makes a nice looking pecker into a tasty pecker, whats for pudding?
(Members) £5.36
JO VOLT 12V - Stimulating Serum for Women
(Members) £9.86
Hot Sex Girl Drop, Never be without them..
(Members) £8.96
Bring it on with some Spanish Fly.
(Members) £5.36
Spanish Fly, now flavoured so who will ever know. Makes bed time more fun for you both.
(Members) £5.36
Oral sex has never been more satisfying.
(Members) £8.96
Keeps your toys like new, and extra clean.
(Members) £5.36
Start the evening off with some slippery action with Oil Me Up.
(Members) £5.40
Spanish Fly Desire, the name says it all.
(Members) £8.06